First of all, Zerynth provides only the software tools for programming the hardware. In particular, Zerynth is 100% “agnostic” towards hardware platforms. In fact, thanks to the Zerynth Virtual Machineour tools are compatible with a wide range of 32bit MCU devices. 

As a general sense, concerning the programming side of the most common prototyping platforms, the main advantage of Zerynth is that we provide an integrated stack that goes from the firmware development to the cloud connection. 

Going to more detailed aspects, Zerynth offers the benefits of programming microprocessor-based boards like Raspberry Pi: 

  • Python language (or hybrid C/Python if necessary, and also Smart Idle times for Power Saving) 
  • Multi-threading support: in Zerynth each Python thread is an RTOS thread managed by a priority aware real-time schedule

 along with the great advantages of microcontroller-based boards: 

  • lower power consumption with respect to microprocessor-based boards
  • lower hardware costs in the prototyping phase 
  • extremely lower hardware costs in the industrialization phase 

All this, with a relatively tiny footprint of 60k-80k of flash, 3-5k ram