No. Zerynth is 100% agnostic towards hardware platforms and cloud infrastructures. The stack is compatible with a wide range of 32bit MCU devices and with many proprietary cloud and monitoring systems, so you can use the third-party tools that better fit your needs. This is possible thanks to Zerynth Virtual Machine, the core element of our stack, that allows real hardware independence and code reuse on a wide range of 32-bit microcontrollers. 

This is a very important advantage for Embedded Hardware Producer because Zerynth speeds up the adoption of new hardware and opens to the huge community of Python programmers. The hardware independence feature is very important also for Product Designers and System Integrators. If you use Zerynth, when you switch from prototyping to production, you don’t need to re-write the code for the new target board (probably cheaper than that one used for the prototype). The porting of boards, sensors, and the Cloud is an ongoing activity. Check out our services!